tape146: Departure Copenhagen - Chicago: 3:00 min.
realVideo - download 4.9 MB usa-01_256.rmvb
tape146: Chicago - Minneapolis: 4:31 min.
realVideo - download 7.4 MB usa-02_256.rmvb
tape146: Bismarck, Meriwether: 3:08 min.
realVideo - download 5.2 MB usa-03_256.rmvb
tape146: Bismarck, Capitol, Heritage Center: 3:32 min
realVideo - download 5.8 MB usa-04_256.rmvb
tape146: Dickinson 1. Walking around, old DHS: 4:32 min.
realVideo - download 6.7 MB usa-05_256.rmvb
tape146: Dickinson 2. Baseball, beads and other things: 4:52 min.
realVideo - download 8.1 MB usa-06_256.rmvb
tape146: Visiting the Badlands, ND: 6:55 min.
realVideo - download 11.4 MB usa-07_256.rmvb
tape147: Visiting Medora, shopping, Chateau de Mores: 4:51 min.
realVideo - download 6.8 MB usa-08_256.rmvb
tape147: Dickinson 3. Dakota Dinosaur Museum: 5:02 min.
realVideo - download 8.4 MB usa-09_256.rmvb
tape147: Dickinson 3. Going West 5:59 min.
realVideo - download 9.8 MB usa-10_256.rmvb
tape147: Billings - Yellowstone 7:01 min.
Late Sunday June 27, 2004 we left Little Big Horn Memorial and drove to Billings, where we stayed overnight. Monday morning we drove right thru towards Yellowstone National Park going high over the Beartooth Pass. via Cooke City entering Yellowstone National Park.
realVideo - download 11.8 MB usa-11_256.rmvb
tape147: Mammoth Hot Springs - Grants Village 6:57 min.
Tuesday morning June 29, 2004 We had breakfast in the car driving through YNP from the North to the South entrance visiting on route Old Faithful. We had a detour to Grand Teton Park, but not too far, since we had to be in Grant Village before sunset.
realVideo - download 11.8 MB usa-12_256.rmvb
tape147: Grants Village - Cody, WY 7:04 min.
Wednesday morning June 30, 2004 We had breakfast again in the car driving along Lake Yellowstone. A pelican had breakfast too. Going north to Upper and Lower fall of Yellowstone River and leaving YNP via the Eastern Entrance.
realVideo - download 11.9 MB usa-13_256.rmvb
tape147: Cody: Buffalo Bill Historical Center 7:56 min.
Wednesday afternoon June 30, 2004  We went straight to the Hotel Irma and then to Buffalo Bill Historical Center visiting the Wild West and The Plains Indians section.
realVideo - download 13.2 MB usa-14_256.rmvb
tape148: Cody: Gunfight 7:07 min.
Wednesday  evening June 30, 2004  At 6:00pm outside the Hotel Irma a local theater group performed a gunfight drama
realVideo - download 12.02 MB usa-15_256.rmvb
tape148: Bighorn 5:34 min.
Thursday July 1, 2004  Leaving Cody for Hill City, SD - driving thru the Bighorn Mountains and along Interstate 90 in Wyoming.
realVideo - download 9.3 MB usa-16_256.rmvb
tape148: Crazy Horse Memorial 7:56 min.
Crazy Horse Memorial
Thursday July 1, 2004  Arriving late in the afternoon, we visited the Memorial - inside the museum and outside with a bustour to the monument itsself.
realVideo - download 13.2 MB usa-17_256.rmvb
tape148: Mount Rushmore 9:13 min.
Friday July 2, 2004  Leaving Hill City in the morning, we drove the short way to Keystone and visited Mount Rushmore. Then back to Keystone to shop and eat.
realVideo - download 15.5 MB usa-18_256.rmvb

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