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beartooth pass

We originally planned to take #212 from Billings to Cooke City, but .. something told me, that it could be a rough ride.
But eventually we were in good shape and time, so we chose the splendid road not knowing, what Beartooth Pass was all about.

We came through - not knowing what was on the other side of the pass- but then I should have known, that Yellowstone itsself lies in the 8.000 feet region, so the passage down to Cooke City was not that difficult - indeed it was very pretty.

We are staying here the first night

Craig Pass/Isa Lake: Continental Divide
Both names are used to describe the same location seven miles south of Old Faithful on the Grand Loop Road. At 8,262 feet along the Continental Divide, Isa Lake is a uniquely confusing feature. During spring runoff, it drains into both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the same time! (And backwards, too!) The west side of the lake flows into the Firehole drainage and, eventually, the Atlantic throughout the year. The east side, during spring, flows toward the Snake River drainage and the Pacific.

ref.: www.nps.gov/yell

We are staying in Grant Village the 2nd night

2004 Hans Andersen - July 9th, 2004