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Flying over the Atlantic

Monday June 21

  • Leaving Copenhagen SK 0943 at 3:40pm on Airbus 340-400 bound for Chicago arriving 9 hours later
  • Transfer in O'Hare to United Airlines Boing 737-500 leaving at 7:45pm
  • Arriving Minneapolis UA 1299 at 9:07pm and we are being met not only by David, but also by Ellen & Grandma Audrey Baird !
  • Picking up rented car from Avis in MSP, driving to Motel north of town.
Staying at Baymont Inn, Brooklyn Center

Driving from Minneapolis to Bismarck

see: itinerary-0

Baird boys in Buick backend
John, David and LaRoy in 1963

Tuesday June 22

  • Leaving Minneapolis after a good American breakfast, which might include Hot Carmel Rolls (Hans had that in 1984, when John and David picked him up)
  • Following the new US Interstate Highway 94 from MSP to ND, we said hello to Kim Baird in Fargo - driving out of town, we may encounter Bonanzaville at 1351 Main Avenue West, where Kim is on the board of directors. We did miss to see the largest buffalo sculpture in Jamestown because of heavy rain.
  • Still following I-94 from Fargo going west, we are going to visit Mary & LaRoy Baird III in Bismarck, where Ellen and grandmom Audrey and John Baird will be joining to have dinner at a nice restaurant on the banks of the Missouri River called Meriwethers
Staying at a motel in the Bismarck area

Driving from Bismarck to Dickinson

The Oasis Motel is situated right next to the Baird house
other addresses of interest:
DAIRY QUEEN I-94 & ND Hwy. 22
McDONALD'S 212 Museum Drive

Wednesday June 23

Waking up in Bismarck, maybe we have a chance to visit Ft. Abraham Lincoln south of Mandan, since we will follow the trail of Col. Custer to Little Big Horn. I may be wrong, but I think we went there in '84 to watch "the last stand of Custer"
Eventually we will end up in Dickinson later that day  - the last trip should follow highway #10, which Hans can't forget, as he left Dickinson in 1964.

We can be quite sure, that the children will go looking for a place to swim - and why not try the built-in at the motel. And then touring the town of Dickinson, where Hans will want to revist places he once knew.

Staying at the OASIS INN & SUITES
1000 West Villard, (701) 225-6703, 1-888-225-6703 for reservations.

Dakota Dinosaur Museum

The museum houses ten full scale dinosaurs, thousands of rock, mineral and fossil specimens including a complete real Triceratops skeleton.

Kildeer Byway

The Killdeer byway is alleged to be the most scenic byway in western North Dakota. Called 'Mako shika' ('where the land breaks') by the Sioux, this land dips through the rugged Killdeer Mountains. The land has been sculpted into curious formations by wind, water, and sand. This is some of the North Dakota's most remarkable scenery. Additional Badlands splendor can be found in Little Missouri State Park. Most of this primitive park is only accessible by foot or horse.

Thursday June 24

[john's suggestion] - relax in Dickinson - swim in the pool at the Oasis Motel and visit Dickinson attractions including the Dakota Dinosaur Museum and Joachim Regional Museum.

Another possibility is Kildeer Byway - I found this passage about the city:

Staying at the OASIS INN & SUITES
Newly remodeled in 1999; 36 units, daily, weekly and monthly extended stay studios.  Studio units include: couch, dinette, stove, fridge, microwave and coffee pot.  Internet, modem and office equipment connections.  Conference room, outdoor pool, plug-ins, remote control TV.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Medora

Take a ride on the Overland Stage Line and enjoy the scenic splendor in the savagely beautiful North Dakota Badlands, look for buffalo, wild horses, elk and big horn sheep!

Friday June 25

Maybe going swimming - and I just happen to remember the Paterson Dam outside Dickinson. A tour to the mall north of the city would be good for Anette.

Buffaloes and wild terrain - it is just outside Dickinson in the famous park, so a good days drive around would be great fun - all depending on the weather of course.

Staying at the OASIS INN & SUITES

Going shopping for the weekend

ref.: dickinsonnd.com/

Saturday June 26

We must not forget to buy some food products, that can only be bought in the US. Like hot chili pepper and the like. But also other things might be of interest - and we are not talking about electronics, but about genuine American clothes and fashions

Staying at the OASIS INN & SUITES

Going to church

5th Ave. West and West 8th St. - Sunday: 9:30am church service; second Sunday will be a Eucharist service.

visiting Ellens new playground north of town

Sunday June 27

What can you do on a sunday?  I would really like to get re-acquainted with the churches in Ameria. But we will also have be ready to go away early monday morning, so a relaxing day would be a good thing.

Staying at some motel in Billings, since we were off at about 12o'clock.

Little Big Horn, Montana

see: itinerary-1

Monday June 28

It is going to be a long round trip to Yellowstone National Park - from Dickinson to Cooke City it is 450 miles - and back to the Black Hills another 450 miles. Finally the drive north to Dickinson along Hi-way #85 is 250 miles - altogether 1150 miles + whatever we might do astray.

On the road to Yellowstone we pass the National Memorial of Little Big Horn, which might be worth a detour, but the main goal is Yellowstone National Park itsself - or to be honest: To get close to the Rocky Mountains and admire the fantastic landscape.

Staying at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel


Tuesday June 29

I guess we are driving around the park for the whole day - nothing less.

And Hans would like to drive south - the Grand Teton National Park - just to get a sneak view, but he doesn't know anything yet about distances and time in the mountains.

Staying at the Grant Village

Cody, Wyoming

Cody Nite Rodeo
; Stampede Grounds
Ticket office; (307) 587-5155

- we would like to attend a rodeo (Cody is Rodeo)
 and afterwards a gun fight right outside the hotel!

Wednesday June 30 - diary

Nikolas birthday [he will be 35] - remember to call/write him from somewhere - but otherwise we should be turning round or back - via the magnificent town of Cody - to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

From the West - through Jackson, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park on WY 191 to WY 14-16-20, the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway to Cody. Kim mentioned the Historical Center of Cody in her letter with Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Plains Indians Museum and Buffalo Bill Museum.

Staying at the Hotel Irma in Cody

Black Hills, SD

see: itinerary-2

ref.: hillcitysd.com/

Thursday July 1

Another day of driving - from Cody to Hill City - some 450 miles. Going south via Newcastle - or north via Deadwood - what shall it be?

There should be plenty of opportunities in Hill City and its surroundings - riding an old train from 1880 would be great fun. Especially if it takes us to Mount Rushmore.

Staying at the  Best Western Golden Spike Inn & Suites, Highways 16 & 385, Hill City SD

Black Hills, SD

Leaving Hill City - 09:45 am - arriving at Keystone - 11:00 am
see: itinerary-3

Friday July 2

We have seen Mount Rushmore replicated in Legoland - now we would like to see the monument in real size. And while we are at it, we would like to see the Crazy Horse memorial as well. On the way to North Dakota along HiWay 79 we drove past the Bear Butte. To be in Dickinson no later than 5pm.

Mary & LaRoy with Dina  - Kim & John with Anna and Stephen were there, and we had a good time in the evening in the front of Grandma Audreys house with the oak tree.

Staying at the OASIS INN & SUITES

Dickinson, re-union

The Re-Union of the Class of '64 took place at:
Unique dining and brewery, 2 West Villard

Saturday July 3

Parade, Rough Rider Days, reunion get-together in the evening. . Went to the Dickinson State Univ. to shop and see the fine exhibitions of Dina and Ellen.

Staying at the OASIS INN & SUITES

Fourth of July

Fireworks in Morehead

Sunday July 4

Church at St. John's Episcopal Church, 4th of July celebrations, leaving Dickinson - staying overnight in Fargo. Seems like John and David will be visiting Dickinson ..

Staying over at the Kim & John Baird House in Fargo


Monday July 5

Sightseeing in Minneapolis - trying the brand new Hiawatha Line amongs other things. Visiting the Minnehaha Falls. And finally and not least:  Going to the Greates Mall of All: Mall of America. Just to see, what: Shop 'til you drop means ;-)

Staying at Days Inn right next to the Mall of America (David made the reservation)


Tuesday July 6

  • Delivering rented car with full tank to Avis at 4pm or earlier
  • Leaving Minneapolis SK 3962 at 7:00pm on Boing 737-300 bound for Chicago arriving 1:25 hours later
  • Transfer to SK 0944 leaving at 10:15pm on Airbus 340-400
  • Arriving in Copenhagen at 1:30pm
  • Going by bus #S500 directly from the airport to Fiskebækvej i a little more than an hour
  • Staying at our old good house at Klosterbakken 13, where our cat will be dis-pleased with us for the next week or so!

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