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These pages started as a planning tool for the trip - so bear over with some of the tedious details of reservations, tickets and so on ..
I'll try to fill in with words, pictures and video about what happened during the 15 days of stay in the US with main focus on the chronological order, which is present in the itinerary (which is written in futures sense) and the diary (which is written in the past sense):
1. Flying to the US
2. Going by car in the US
3. Itinerary - original and what actually happened day-by-day in a dairy form
4. Dickinson was in focus - so here is more about the Badlands and Rough Rider Parade
5. Trip to Yellowstone with excursions to Little Bighorn, Beartooth
6. And back via Cody, Bighorn to the Black Hills with Crazy Horse Memorial and Mt. Rushmore + Bear Butte
6. Re-union with Class of '64 took place on July 2-3
7. Going back we visited Fargo/Morehead with great fireworks + Minneapolis' with the great Mall of America
8. Flying back to DK
9. Videoclip. In realMedia-format /player v.10/
SK Cph-OrhLeaving Copenhagen on June 21st 2004, the Andersen-family of four will land in Minneapolis (David) late evening and then by rented car (Avis) going to a nearby motel to sleep.

The next morning we commence the first of some long trips to Dickinson, ND - via Fargo (John) and Bismarck (LaRoy). We are staying at the Oasis Motel, which is very close to the Baird House.

After a few days of getting re-acqainted with Grandma Baird and Ellen, we start on the 2nd leg of our journey, this time following Interstate 94 to Billings, Montana visiting Little Big Horn Memorial and ending up in the finest park of the US: Yellowstone, Wyoming.

We are planning to leave the ares via the exciting city of Cody following the Interstate 90 to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Here the children would very much like to see Mt. Rushmore Memorial and the new site of Crazy Horse. If time permits Hans would like to pay a symbolic visit to Wounded Knee, before the trip goes back to Dickinson via hi-way 22/85 according to our new road map.

Now it should be time for celebration - in any case July 4th is coming up, and who knows if the Rough Rider Parade will be repeated this year in Dickinson. But - DHS Class of 64 should be aware, that it is 40 years ago, that fine women and men graduated, and maybe some of them will be present in town.

Right after this the family of four will be rushing to Minneapolis, 'cause Anette wants to visit the greates mall of all: the mall of America, before we on July 6 at 18:00 board a plane for Copenhagen via Chicago. Hans would like to pay his respect to the old baseball stadium of the VIkings, which has a small plate at the same mall.

Please follow this link to our proposed itinerary and feel free to comment on the possibilities - and the adverse .. ;-)

Departure Copenhagen June 21, 2004

15:40 SK 0943 arriving ORD 17:40
(9 hours flight)
19:45 SK 3997 arriving MSP 21:07
(United Airlines UA 1299)

Departure Minneapolis July 6, 2004

19:00 SK 3962 arriving ORD 20:25
(United Airlines UA 0376)
22:15 SK 0944 arriving CPH 13:30
(8:25 hours flight)

2004 Hans Andersen - July 24th, 2004