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I am nuts about flying. Maybe it started in 1963, when I boarded a Lockheed aircraft in Newark to fly to Minneapolis for the first time. Maybe it is because mrs. Baird was a pilot in her own rights and took me around in the airspace of North and South Dakota then.

Whenever I spot an airplane in the air, I get excited about the beauty of it all - so it is natural for me to try to picture the fine art of flying with my camera.

Now .. this time it will be a first for me to fly on an european built airplan - the Airbus. We will be taking off from Copenhagen Airport on monday June 21st at 3:40PM. So naturally I went to the airport - which is located 10 min. from where I work - and took some pictures of this fine creature:

Airbus 340-300 SK 0943 OY KBD shortly before take-off in CPH leaving for  ORD

The next day - May 11th - this one arrived landing from NE

and here is how it looks, when OY KBA arrives back the next day at about 13:25 landing from SW

have a look at the approach. Download .avi-file 2.2 MB (sorry, but I couldn't help it ;-)
More about the Airbus on WikiPedia: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus

to be honest:
At 13:25 SK 902 from Newark arrives
At 13:30 SK 938 from Seattle arrives
At 13:30 SK 944 from Chicago arrives
and it is difficult to tell, which is which!?
but what a sight, when three of them lands in like pearls in a string

Now .. it is for real - this Airbus has just landed and is getting ready to take-off for Chicago

waiting is almost over - Mia and Mathias are anxious about it all

Mia and Mathias are happy with the head set - and the TV-screen in front of them

Mathias all of a sudden pointed out and said: Look - this must be Greenland

and a small monitor prooved him just right

and we have landed in Chicago O'hare Airport - with some bad weather I'm afraid
Our next flight was 4 hours late, but we very lucky on a stand-by-basis to catch an earlier (belated) plane
so we actually took of about 20 min. before our regular flight.

2004 Hans Andersen - July 13th, 2004