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On Saturday, July 3rd, 2004 at 10:00 am
the annual Rough Rider Parade took place on Mail/Villard Street.

Cheryl Tollefson is from the DHS Class'64 and knows about horses. She is member of the Rough Rider Commission.

So what is a Rough Rider actutally? From Wikipedia I got this:
President Roosevelt rose to national prominence during the Spanish-American War as commander of the "Rough Riders" ("The Rough Riders" was the name bestowed by the American press on the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry regiment during the Spanish-American War.) - and since Roosevelt had some doings in the Badlands, I could imagine, there is a relation.

And then: Rough Riders means, that the riding gets rough - in general.
I taped about 30 min. video from the 60 min. parade, and some of the clips will be published here - first of all in the form of still pictures. It was quite an event - it is election year, so many local politicians were here to tell about themselves with the Govenor of North Dakota heading them all. But we also saw the 7th cavalry in a beautiful formation, a McDonald Orchestra and a lot of other things portraying Dickinson anno 2004.

What a tall guy!

who are these two beautiful blondes in a golf cart? It couldn't be - or could it be Cheryl at the wheel?

2004 Hans Andersen - December 6th, 2004