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Itinerary is one thing - which is made ahead of time
a diary is quite another - and it should be made on time
but alas, we didn't, so here are the daily summaries of what happened after time
written after we returned home - to be honest: I just started with it on July 14th

Modern version of Easy Rider Cowboy with bike and girl, Medora, ND June 25th, 2004
mondag June 21st departure Cph, arriving Chicago/Minneapolis
tuesday June 22nd departure Msp, arriving at Fargo and Bismarck
wednesday June 23th North Dakota Heritage, Going to Dickinson
thursdag June 24th 5:30am Wal-Mart, Dickinson
friday June 25th Going to the Badlands, Dickinson
saturday June 26th Museums in Dickinson
sunday June 23th St. Johns Church,  Little Bighorn, Montana and Billings
monday June 28th Mammoth Springs, Wyoming
tuesday June 29th Grant Village, Wyoming
wednesday June 30th Cody, Wyoming: Gunfight
thursdag July 1st Crazy Horse near Hill City, South Dakota
friday July 2nd Mt. rushmore, SD and family-get-together at the Bairds
saturday July 3rd Dickinson State Univ. Fair, Reunion at the Rattlesnake
sunday July 4th Fargo with Kim & John / Morehead fireworks
monday July 5th Minneapolis Mall of America
tuesday July th More Mall and departure Msp/Orh/Cph

2004 Hans Andersen - July 19th, 2004