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Wednesday July 30th. Cody
Next stop after Yellowstone National Park was Cody.
Before we got to Cody we drove out thru the East gateway
and from there the scenic byway to Cody was sheer pleasure.
Never seen anything like the walls of the valley, we drove thru
- made me think of the Valley of Faraos in Egypt -
Then one in the car mentioned something of food
- maybe it was a good genuine American hot dog -
and at almost the same time, a sign in the right side of the road said
We had arrived to the small town of Wapiti
where an elderly, smiling man had built a small hot dog house
What a treat we were in for in the next hour
'cause it took him that long to cook them, all the while he was talking about everything
and some other regular customers came by and commented his tales.
Then it was off to the town of Cody - first passing the Cody Dam, impressiv
but eventually we arrived at the Irma Hotel on Sheridan Avenud
right in the middle of town.
We got the Simon Snyder room #29 and had a good view to the street,
where the evenings gun fight would take place.

But duty before pleasure, first we went to the impressive
Historical Center of Cody
Then we met som nice people from Powell
mother Sheryl and daughter Amy.
Amy is attending a course in Odense University this fall
and they wanted to be re-assured, that this adventure would go well.
Anette had arranged the meeting at exactly 6pm,
at which time the gunfight commenced,
so they got a chance too to see gunsmoke.

Then we went to a small ice- or coffeeshop, where we talked for the next hour.

and eventually we went down the main street and had some delicious ribs

2004 Hans Andersen - July 14th, 2004