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Friday June 25nd, Dickinson & The Badlands, Medora
Ellen wanted to go to Medora to pick up some beads,
so The Andersen's went a little earlier to see the Roosevelt Park
Then we could get together for lunch
So we went there via Interstate 94,
and when reaching Belfield, Hans got smart
and wanted to go via the old hiway 10 to Medora
but alas, it was not there anymore (where did they put it?)
Eventually we got to Medora and went straight into the National Park
using the scenic bywas
We saw at first some small animals - prairie dogs
and then behind them some big animals,
rather a herd of buffaloes
At some point we saw a horse on a hill-top
nodding - as if it would welcome us to the Badlands
We tried to follow it trail to see, if there were more,
but no - we ended up in a blind road and returned
When on the way back and down from the highest hills
we encountered a coyote on the road
seemingly unscared of the situation
The rumour has it, that they are hard to catch
We did get a photo of it and right after that
we met some loose buffaloes on the road
We turned back to the starting point of the road
and there we saw some easy riders coming in
what a pretty sight to spot

When the leader of the gang saw our car - and Hans doing his video - he said:
Smile to the nice people from Minnesota - and Hans replied: Denmark, Denmark - Hans Christian Andersen, you know

We could then concentrate on the buffaloes
Back in Medora we went sightseeing - Hans looked at the rails - who knows if a train could come by?

and the rest went into a store to shop for cowboy hats and some indian moccasins
We met Grandma Audrey and Ellen at about 1pm and went to the 1st floor of a restaurant to dine
Some of us had buffalo like the day before - since it actually did taste so good.
Afterwards some of us went into the beads-shop and stayed there for awhile
Grandma Audrey led the rest of the family to the Medora House
or is it the Marquis du something's house?

We toured the information office and the house itsself
and the guides there told us a real good story, that didn't end well.
Refrigerator cars on the train going to Chicage - that was the game
and it went well for 3 years or so, and then something went astray
Back in Dickinson by 6pm - and I cannot remember, what we had for supper
but I can remember, that Mia and Mathias did the bead-game together with Ellen and Anette
Ellen was busy getting ready for next saturdays parade at Dickinson SU
so the kids thought they could help her out.

2004 Hans Andersen - July 17th, 2004