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Tuesday June 22nd, Minneapolis
Woke up terribly early 4:30am - luckily Mathias was awake too,
so we let the ladies do their beauty-sleep
and went for a drive in the neighbourhood
to get to know the car and eventually to locate a breakfast restaurant

We managed both, but when we came back to the motel
and woke up the Queen and the Princess
we went for a continental breakfast at the motel

Very good motel indeed - for the price of a modest $58 or so
One of us was eager to get on the hiway #10
but I was persuaded to go by the Interstated 94 at least to St. Cloud
where we made a detour just to see the fine Missisippi River
And we also stopped by a famous American Fastfood Restaurant in ?
where we spent hour to eat "the usual"
Because .. time kept clicking, and we had to be in Bismarck by 5pm
and we also wanted to say hello to Kim in Fargo
So .. eventually we arrived in Fargo at about 1pm
and found Kim & John's house quite easily
Kim had some good coffee prepared for us
and som cheese  - it was a treat.
But on we went on the Interstate #94
passing Jamestown, I had wanted to show the largest Buffalo in the World
It should be on the left side of the road according to my memory from 1963
but it was raining so you wouldn't believe it, so nothing was there to see
and then Anette suddenly said: There it is - at the right side
But .. the rain was indeed heavy, so we continued driving
stopping at the next rest area
where we were able to use an Internet Workstation
right at the time, when Denmark played against Sweden
Eventually we came to Bismarck
and John called us to tell, that he had reserved a room for us.
We went to the Motel, but alas, they didn't expect 2 children
so we were redirected to a neighbouring hotel
which was fine also - since they had an indoor swimming pool
which the children immidiately boarded
Then we went to find Mary & LaRoy's place outside town
Eagle's Park
I think it was along a beautiful road along the Missouri River
All of a sudden we found it - eg. LaRoy and John had come out to the hiway
to meet us and guide us into the fine home along the river
But we had reservations af the Meriwether Restaurant

so we had a short glimpse of the river and then we were off again
heading back towards Bismarck - still following the river road
And what a great meal we had - Buffalo Burgers for the kids
and the boys - first time I tasted one, but not the last.

Then we were invited to board the Lewis & Clark boat,
that had arrived - we didn't sail, but the owner - a fine woman -
showed us how it looked. The weather was fine, the sun was shining low
so I got some good impressions once again from a river boat

LaRoy & Mary

2004 Hans Andersen - July 19th, 2004