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Mondag. Klosterbakken 13, Værløse
Woke up quite relaxed contrary to predictions

Packed suitcases and waited ..
Went to airport with local bus S500 at about 10:40am - arrived at about 12:00
Checked-in - everything was fine
had a light meal at Burger King
Went shopping in the tax-free shop

Watched airplanes coming and going - like this one: Which is OURS!

What's the name of the big bird?

Boarded Airbus 340-300 at about 3pm after an hours wait or so. Mia and Mathias didn't mind
Took of at about 4pm - due to missing passengers (happens every day?)

These two kids enjoyed themselvew with the built-in TV-screens

Flying over Greenland - Kap det gode Håb / Cape Good Hope

which could be verified with this map on the TV-screen

Now - gliding down towards the runway - we could follow the front camera on the aircraft

Arrived in Chicago at 5:30pm local time - docking in Terminal 5

Transferred to Terminal 1 - but .. United Airlines were all delayed because of weather
Caught an ealier plane for MSP, which was 4 hours late
Arrived in Minneapolis 15 min. ealier than scheduled, but Audrey, Ellen and David were there
Our suitcase were not - so we picked up the car, drove to the Motel north of town
and then the Bairds and I drove back to the airport to pick-up the suitcases
we found 3 to start with - Anette's came with the next plane
Back to the Motel - and in bed - couldn't really sleep though
so many things had happend. Next days  happenings ..

©2004 Hans Andersen - July 14th, 2004