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It's supper time at the Rattle Snake Encounter

Jerry Stranik talks about then, now and the next re-union

Joan Weir is smiling as she thinks of arranging the 50th reunion

Or should we not help her the next time with the addresses, invitations and so on?

Now comes the trick: A Greyhound bus in the parade followed by ..

.. Rick Price in a

a casket or coffin or whatever
Last picture please

Rick seems to like the idea

Cheryl probably wonder, who is going to find the Greyhound

Everyone seems happy with the situation

That's it - mere 4 minutes of video cut down to some still pictures.
But .. should you have some pictures from the re-union,
then I'll be happy to put them on the net - right here,
since I have enjoyed so much to see you all again

that I even went to the archives to find the old ones from DHS Class '64
that I took with my small camera then. Click here for more ..

2004 Hans Andersen - July 11th, 2004