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Sorry for the pictures, that follow - but my camera had a rough time in Yellowstone,
where the occular went down the drain. Nevertheless - I didn't want to disturb you with taking officiel portraits
instead I tried to shoot from a long distance - just to show, how happy everyone looked.

The video is not that bad, but it is taking up space, so here comes some still pictures from it.

so - many weeks have passed, and I have been doing nothing with these pages.
Except for one thing: I added a forum, where you can enter and put down your thoughts!
I've found out, that I work best, when someone pushes me ..
And "someone" has been pushing me lately: My oldest daughter Louise gave birth to Oscar on August 17th, who is my second grandchild - and since she lives in London, we have been sending/receiving photos and web-pages.  Then I attended a wedding of niece Pernille on August 28th, and I did 2 hours of movie-making. Plus all the loose ends.

But I have not forgotten my pledge to keep memories together - I found my old DicDac from 1964, and sooner or later, it is beeing digitized, so I will not have to worry not finding it again!

So please enter my forum - it is a simple replacement for Classmates, where I for some reason don't want to "go gold".

Terry Mack and Bonnie Harmann

Yes - here we go!

Bill Dukart and Doug Lefor in a silent conversation

And who do we have here if not the one and only Friedrich Franklin

Jerry Stranik shows his beautiful Alaskan back

Let's have a big smile - yes, Herb Smith, you are on candid camera now!

The crowd is getting bigger and bigger at The Rattlesnake Creek
more pictures will flow from her ..

2004 Hans Andersen - September 2nd, 2004