Audrey & Hans being interviewed (107KB)
From Dickinson Press, July 8, 1984

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Dickinson Press interview (32KB)

Speech to Class'64 (31KB)
This is my speech to the Class'64
at the reunion in '84

more pictures from the reunion

- Thanks for letting me talk a little bit;
great honor, hope I'm not sounding like a
high-school teacher though
- When I got this letter 10 years ago
with the signatures of the Class of '64,
I was really sorry not to have been there
- When I got this invitation for the 20th re-union,
I was really determined to go
whatever the cost. So here I am!

to organizing committe:
Joel, Kay Ann, Harriet, Franklin, Cheryl etc.
to class of '64:  Dare to be different
to Baird-family: Hospitality always:
Mrs. Baird, LaRoy, Johnny, David and Ellen

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